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The concept of e-archive invoice is a kind of electronic invoice which is organized on the electronic environment. E-Archive invoice organizes for people or businesses who don’t have a e-invoice.  E-Archive; In accordance with the standards determined by the Revenue Administration Presidency, the creation of the invoice in electronic form is an application covering the preservation, submission and reporting in electronic environment. e-Archive invoice is a type of electronic invoice. You can create this invoice via e-archive application and send it to your customer.

If you want to register the e-archive system and organize your invoices on the electronic environment integrated to the GİB’s online e-invoice system, Ata Institutional Consultancy provides the best e-archive invoice solutions for your company. We are an authorized distributor of e-archive invoice solutions in Turkey. It’s enough to contact us to begin your e-invoice and e-archive invoice process.

Difference Between E-Invoice and E-Archive Invoice

These two types of electronic invoices are often interfused in Turkey. Basically these two invoices can be divided into:

  • e-Invoice is organized for your customer who is e-billing user,
  • You can send e-Archive invoice to your non-e-invoice customer.